“The Person Who Really Wants To Do Something Finds a Way; The Other Finds an Excuse” – The Fighter

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Uncategorized


This past week was awesome. From 9-5 every day, I was in class working on my fitness certification. At night and in the mornings, I was either training or playing baseball. It really was a week full of sports and exercise, and I have to say, I could get used to it.

First off, my fitness course has been absolutely mind blowing. This section is only two weeks, whereas many courses for the same certification are up to five weeks. So we are getting information overload.  I’ve learned about a few of the hundreds of bones and muscles in our body. I’ve learned about the muscles fibers and cells that make up our body. I’ve learned about how muscles contract. I’ve learned how our muscles recover during and after exercise. I’ve learned about the role of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in our bodies. I’ve learned about different training models. And the list goes on. But what I have really learned is that there is so much information out there to learn. I’m really excited for my second week of the course, but also for where my interest in this field will take me in the future.

On the diamond this week, we ran away with two games against Canterbury. We took game one 15-3 and won the second game in a similar fashion. Our pitching, defense, and hitting were all good.  On Wednesday, we jumped out to an early lead and cruised to a victory with everyone on the team contributing. Today, we struggled a little bit in the beginning to score runs, but our pitching and defense kept the game tight, and our bats exploded for double-digit runs in the second half of the game.  A few of the highlights from the week were a moonshot bomb by Alessio on Wednesday, some great defensive work by BJ at first and third base (showing us that even big guys can dance), great pitching, our center fielder Scott Riddle putting the ball out of the infield today so he doesn’t have to impose retirement on himself, some young guys stepping up, and obviously some great third base coach swag from the Gipper.  For the week, I was 7-9 with a few rbi’s, walks, and stolen bases. It was a fun week, and I made a little adjustment in my swing that finally allowed me to start hitting the ball hard again.  Big series next week against Ryde!

I’m still hoping to catch on with a team in the ABL. No word yet, but I’ll just keep at it and see what happens. I started looking towards some independent professional team and league tryouts for next season in the US.  That’s a bit down the road but I’m looking to set up some opportunities to show what I can do on the field and find a spot to play.

Until next week!


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