Halloween Week

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Uncategorized


(Notice the boats/ocean in the background)

As my friends and family celebrated Halloween, some in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I was enjoying another week of sun, baseball, and beaches. Another two games produced my first defeat with Manly, but also our biggest victory. I had an awesome meeting with Gordon Spence, the performance psychologist and professor. And, I officially signed up for a fitness certification course.

This week was quite the roller coaster on the baseball field. On Wednesday, we jumped out to an early lead against Cornella, only to relinquish it in the final inning. The score was 9-7 for the bad guys. After the game, BJ our captain, pronounced that today’s game (Sunday) is a must win game. We are in the middle of the pack right now, so losing two games to a below average team would hurt. And so, as good teams do, we responded with an absolute beat down. We seized the lead in the first inning and cruised to a 15-1 victory to record the series split. For the week, I was 3-7 (3 hits out of 7 at-bats) with a double and three runs batted in. I was able to get some extra work in with a few different guys on the team, something that I really hope will continue as the season progresses.

Overall, I’d say that it was a pretty good week on the diamond. Even though we lost a game we should have won on Wednesday, we showed how tough we are today. In baseball, there can be a lot of highs and lows, if you allow it. The key to being successful as a team and as an individual is to keep the same level of confidence regardless of what happens. Don’t get cocky when things are going well but stay confident when things aren’t going the way you want. We did a good job of that this week and I’m looking forward to next week, where we will be squaring off against the second ranked team in our league.

Off the diamond, I have had a super-productive week. Early Wednesday morning, I traveled into Sydney for coffee with Gordon Spence, a performance psychologist and professor at University of Sydney. By the end of our conversation, I had agreed to come in to his master’s level class on the psychology of peak performance to present on how mental training techniques have helped me as an athlete. While doing so, I will be able to sit in on a few of his lectures in order to learn a few things for myself and see if this field is something I would enjoy studying further. In addition, I signed up for the course to become a certified fitness instructor. My class starts in a week and I could not be more excited about getting that ball rolling.

Finally, some things are in motion with the ABL (the professional league in Australia) right now and I’m really hoping to get an opportunity to play there, potentially sooner rather than later. It’s still totally out of my control but the way things are set up now with my team in Manly, my fitness course, and the beach a five minute walk away, I would happily continue life here on the northern beaches of Sydney. I could, however, easily pack up my stuff and be headed just about anywhere in Australia on the drop of a dime. So while all that sorts itself out, I’ll just continue living it up and getting after it!

Cheers Mates!


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