New Apartment, Two Games & Fitness Certification

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Uncategorized


It’s been an exciting week since I last wrote. Because I’m having so much fun over here and no longer spending my days in front of the tv watching baseball, I’m just going to give weekly updates. This week, I moved into my apartment, played two games, watched the Blue Sox play Team Australia and decided that I will pursue a fitness education.

On Monday, I moved into my new apartment. I have a couple really nice Australian roommates, who I don’t see very often, but are fun to be around when I do. They have promised to bring me a long when they are doing fun things (sailing, hiking the Blue Mountains, spear fishing, surfing, etc.), so they will definitely be making my Australian experience more enjoyable. Living with Australians is really important to my experience here because it helps me get a real feel for the culture and lifestyle. It is definitely something that I will look back on and be glad that I did. I’m about a five minute walk to the beach, the park, the grocery store, and the gym. The picture at the top is at the Dee Why Beach swimming pool, about ten minutes from my door. Turns out Australia is not all desert and the people aren’t all Crocodile Dundee.

We had a game on Wednesday against Blacktown that we ended up tying 6-6. We were up 6-1 going into the last inning of the time-shortened game and let them back into it. We were playing on a field with no fence in right field and Carl, our seventeen-year-old outfielder, who signed with the Braves and is on the Blue Sox roster, hit one inside the park homerun and almost had another. I ripped a triple right-handed down the right field line and a single to drive in a couple runs. I also made a couple nice plays at third base (flashing some leather baby!). Even though we weren’t able to seal up the victory, we kept the undefeated streak alive.

On Friday, I went out to watch Team Australia (Australia’s national team) play the Blue Sox. My boy, Alessio, started all three games of the series and played great. On Friday, he got a couple hits and only dropped one routine fly ball (oops). It was fun to go out there and watch a good baseball game. There was a big crowd and some good energy in the stadium. I know I can play with those guys so it stung a little sitting in the stands watching, but if and when I get an opportunity, I will be ready.

Today, Sunday, we played against Blacktown again. This time we were able to sneak away with the victory, 2-1. Our pitching staff and defense did a great job of keeping us in the game. We scored both of our runs in one inning, thanks to some timely hitting from our two Dans. Dan Meder got a base hit and stole a base to get us two runners in scoring position, and then Danny Glynn knocked them in with a base hit up the middle. I was hitless in four at bats, but I was seeing the ball well. Their lefty starter was throwing me a lot of off-speed pitches (change-ups and curveballs) in fast ball counts and did a good job of keeping me off balance. We kept the streak alive and I’m looking forward to getting back out there on Wednesday!

Lastly, I have decided to pursue a certification in fitness and begin studying for the strength training and conditioning exam. After working for a couple days as a garage door installer, I realized that a life of power tools is not for me. I began researching and talking to people and found out that if I take a two week class with another week of work experience, I can get the most basic fitness certification here that will allow me to work at a gym. While I won’t be a personal trainer, I will be able to be on the floor and most importantly, learn by being around experienced people in the field. At the same time, I will begin studying for the CSCS exam (Certified Strength Training and Conditioning Specialist). According to several of my friends, this qualification is very beneficial, if not necessary, to train athletes in the US. In addition to giving me work opportunities now and in the future, taking the class, working in a gym, and studying for the exam will allow me to take control of my own training so I can become the best athlete I can be.

I’m really excited about this upcoming week. I’ll work out, hit, play two more games, meet with a Performance Psychologist to discuss potential internship opportunities, sign up for the fitness class, experience more of Australia and continue getting after the dream! Until next week!


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