Four in a Row

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized


Another game, and another late inning win for the Eagles!  We scored two runs in the top of the ninth and then shut the door in the bottom half for the victory. Cox and Vaughn, our two pitchers who will throw for the Blue Sox this year, combined for the shutout. Alessio, who played for South Africa in the World Baseball Classic qualifiers earlier this year, had two hits and scored the winning run in the ninth. I played well and was voted MVP for the game. I had a triple, made a couple plays at second base to save runs, and scored our second run on a good base-running play. Four in a row for the team, and three in a row since I joined them!  Our overall record is 4-4 and we are currently in the middle of the pack. The top four out of nine teams in the league advance to the playoffs. There is a huge advantage to being one of the top two teams, so that is our goal.

I have an exciting week coming up! I’m practicing with the Blue Sox on Tuesday and Thursday. They announce their thirty-five man roster on Friday, so I will know where I stand then. We have no game on Wednesday but we will scrimmage the Blue Sox on Saturday at 2:00pm Australia time (10:00 pm central time on Friday). The game will be streamed online so the faithful can tune in. I’m checking out some more apartments and hopefully I’ll find one soon. I’ve watched too much Dora the Explorer in the last ten days.

That’s all for now! Big shout out to Ben Bartholomew for catching his first career touchdown pass and for being a dad soon! He has definitely been getting after it. 


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