Blue Sox and Another Victory

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized


G’day mates! Hope you are doing well! It’s Friday afternoon here and the Yankees and Orioles are having quite the battle. All these post-season games have been absolute “nut-crackers!”

I’ve had a pretty fun and busy last few days. On Tuesday night, I had my first practice with the Sydney Blue Sox, the professional team here. It was so much fun to get out there and really work hard and compete during a practice. Reminded me a lot of college practice, where you are always working on something. I had a couple live at bats against the Sydney pitchers and they didn’t go great. Those guys are on a different level than what I have seen before, but I think I will be able to make the adjustment, just like I have at every other level. I have one more week of practice with them to prove that I deserve to be on the team.

We had a club game with Manly on Wednesday night. Another victory for the Eagles! We took an early lead, let them back in the game, but then finished them off with a five or six run inning. We had great pitching and made some awesome plays. My man, Scott Riddle, was 4-4 to lead our team to victory. I walked my first two at bats and stole a couple bases. Then, I blooped one over the shortstop (classic Jonny, I know). In my fourth at bat, I come up with runners on second and third, one out. We had just let them back in the game so we want to answer back. I get a fastball down in the zone and hit a line drive HARD over the center fielders head for a triple. Let me tell you, there are not too many things that feel better than squaring up a baseball. I got a hit in my last at bat to finish the game 3-3 with 2 walks and a few runs batted in. Our next game is Sunday, where we will be looking to keep our win streak alive!

I’m hoping to figure out my apartment situation soon. I’m looking at an apartment on the beach (rough, I know). And it appears that I’ll be installing garage doors to help pay the rent. There will definitely be some interesting times there.

Oh yea! And we saw dolphins right outside the house yesterday! There were about twenty of them. No sharks yet.

Cheers! And you better be getting after it!


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